for miners

  • A web based graphical user interface for your node
  • Showing your node's status, information and statistics
  • Payout to lessors with the click of a button
  • Securely accessible through WAVES KEEPER

for traders

  • WAVES network statistics and charts
  • WAVES blockchain explorer

for developers

  • API to access nodeUI's database and statistics
The goal is to stimulate decentralisation by making it easy for anyone to run a WAVES node.

under development:

  • Basic mining information for miners
  • Basic WAVES network information for non-miners

next up:

  • More advanced mining information for miners
  • Payout functionality through web interface

future plans:

  • More WAVES network information, statistics and charts
  • API to access nodeUI's WAVES network statistics
  • Optional email notifications for miners (e.g. software update is available, node is forked or under performing)
  • Up-to-date tutorials about setting up a node
  • Airdrop functionality


the official nodeUI token

  • ID: 7qBciCuwRLASs3sUZ65KCBE87G3Nx1yrEVa7wFKGdH8R
  • Currently used to stimulate development of the nodeUI project
  • In the future a fuctional token to use and vote for nodeUI features
  • Now available on the WAVES DEX

THE deep sea NODE

the official nodeUI node

  • A small private node since early 2017
  • address: 3P2Nqmc9BFMmbe5cabgBMEUg9eZgNHYpghn
  • Used for testing nodeUI's features
  • All mining rewards are invested in the nodeUI project
  • Leasing to DEEP SEA = supporting nodeUI